Seven days of rest


Zeven dagen NIETS (rust, stilte, contemplatie) zodat jij, de wereld en al zijn bewoners weer in balans kunnen komen.

1 – 7 januari 2018 – elke ochtend 9.00 uur on-line meditatie. Zoom-link .

Wat kan je doen?

  1. Silent time – alone and together, reconnecting to the sounds of stillness that enable us to re-calibrate with the wisdom of our bodies and nature.

  2. Minimize all work, consumerism, media and social media activity – (if possible, a full consumerism, television and social media fast). This ideally means connecting to the virtual world only for the purposes of joining focused global meditations or programs relating to human and planetary rest, healing and replenishment.

  3. Clearing the body from toxins and eating only plant based food – as fresh and organic as possible. Different dietary suggestions will be offered on the website for optimal detox and nourishment.

  4. Breath, yoga, sound and movement practices that support the body’s rest, healing and replenishment.

  5. Meditation, prayer, intention setting and practices that cultivate deep listening, present moment awareness, intuition and spontaneous visions.

  6. Practicing gentle loving communication with one’s self and those in one’s environment.

  7. Rituals dedicated to the healing, nurturing and replenishment of oneself, the planet and the entire Web of Life.

  8. Communing with and honouring nature, animals, the plants and the elements.

  9. Journaling insights, dreams and intentions.

  10. Connecting consciously to the 7 Day global prayer and meditation field either online or offline.

  11. Practicing living in gentle, simple community and extending one’s field of compassion to all beings.

  12. Envisioning a healed world.

  13. Gratitude for all that is healthy and nourishing in one’s own life and in the world.